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Our August Rider of the Month is 4-year old Luke Janes!

If you were around back in the day, you probably know the name Jerry Jones aka Crazy JJ. He was a staple at Oak Creek for many years and he’s back with his 4 year old grandson, Luke Janes. In the year and a half that Luke has been racing, he’s gone from strider, to pedal bike but not making it around the track, to not only making it around the track all by himself but also battling with the rest of the 5 and under novices. Luke races for the Redman Bikes and is currently racing a DK while his new Redman gets built. His 3 goals are to win races, move to intermediate and also be pro one day. With the Jones blood in him, I don’t doubt that he’ll reach all of those goals! Luke would like to thank his Papa Jerry for getting him into racing, his parents for taking him to all the races and all of his friends and family who support him in his BMX journey!

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