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Our track is run 100% by volunteers. We appreciate all the assistance we get throughout the year. Thank you for all you do for Oak Creek. Each of you are a part of making us the #1 Track in the Nation!


  1. Click here to join our Oak Creek Volunteer Facebook group.

  2. Click here to complete our Volunteer Pledge form and be added to the volunteer monthly email list.

Our Oak Creek Volunteer Facebook group has additional information on upcoming events, projects and opportunities to help. Please check the page frequently for updates and to sign up for volunteer positions. Helping at least one race a month makes things run smoother and builds a sense of community. Be sure to use the SignUpGenius link posted each month, and you will be entered into our Volunteer Quarterly Raffle for a $50 Visa gift card!

We CAN’T run without you! The following are the primary positions necessary to run any race. Training will be provided.

Volunteer Positions

LOANER TRAILER – helping families borrow bikes or race gear for the evening. Please check in at the office 15 minutes before registration to get your radio. We will radio when someone needs a loaner. Bikes are numbered and have a corresponding pocket on the wall in which the rider or their guardians ID will be kept. Return to trailer after races to check bikes back in and return ID; may need to check back in after 2nd round as some families may leave early if their rider does not transfer. Make sure that the trailer is kept tidy, clothes are hung and used clothes are placed in the laundry baskets.

REGISTRATION – Sign up riders to race. Please arrive 15 minutes before registration begins. This position is done when registration closes.

ANNOUNCING – MC the races. State what moto is on the track, who is in the lead, what action is happening during each race, who transfers each round and ultimately who gets podium positions.

PRACTICE GATES – Check-in at the office 15 minutes before sign-ups, get a radio. Use Start/Stop and Gate buttons to run the gate during practice/sign-ups. Watch for downed riders before dropping gates. Leave radio for person running gates during races.

RACE GATES – Run gates during racing, same procedure as above. Please check in at gate box after striders race. Return radio to office.

SCORING – This involves scoring all 3 rounds with one to two (1-2) other score keepers.

STAGING: CHUTES – Check-in at the office for staging sheets and radio. The bottom of the hill (chutes) stager gets the riders into the chutes. Announce the moto number, age group, and chute number. Call each rider’s name and check plate on bike matches number on sheets. Make sure not to stage more motos than will fit in the chutes or staging area.

STAGING: TOP OF HILL – Top of the hill stager will call each rider’s name, tell them their gate number and let them know how many transfer spots are available. Ensure all riders are in the gate/make their races. Have riders move up every time the gate releases a race.

TURNS – Check in at the office and get a radio, head to your corner after the striders. If someone falls, assess the situation. If needed, help the rider in moving to the side of the track. Most just need cheering on.

TROPHIES – Check in with office during sign-ups. Give Strider awards at finish line. Give out trophies OR track bucks from trophy window during Main Event (1st place = 5 track bucks, 2nd place = 4 track bucks, 3rd place = 3 track bucks).

SNACK BAR/CONCESSIONS – Please arrive 30 minutes before racing to prep/open. Help in selling snacks and merchandise, preparing hot foods in microwave or crockpot. Three shifts available; closing shift responsible for counting down drawer.

Let us know your availability and what positions you are interested in by completing our Volunteer Pledge form!


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