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Fall 2023 BMX Racing League Comes to an End

The Creek’s Fall 2023 BMX Racing League has officially come to an end. All of these riders spent the last 6 Sundays learning all about the amazing sport we love, getting adjusted to the track and learning the basics while racing along side other brand new riders. Many of them were balancing in the gate, pumping like experts and taking turns better than some of our more experienced riders. They all crushed it and get to race in open racing for the first time Wednesday night. Please be friendly and welcoming. Show them why we all do this week in and week out.

Big thanks to all of the volunteers who came out each week to make these days run smoothly. As you know, we can’t run without volunteers and that includes these extra events! Also, an extra special thanks to our 4 coaches (Rick Lowry, Kaitlyn White, Jake Peebles and Ben Troia) who rotated through the last 6 weeks, showing everyone the ropes, getting them prepared for open racing. Looking forward to seeing you all Wednesday night where the real action happens!

If you are interested in joining our next Racing League, please email Amanda Lowry at


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