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November Rider of the Month, Rick Lowry

November ROTM coming at ya! A rider who really needs no introduction, 50 year old Rick Lowry, aka Sick Rick! Rick started racing 38 years ago, wow! He is currently on NorCal Next Generation but in 2024, he’ll go back to his roots and be on the long-standing well-known team NorCal BMX. Rick rides a Rift and plans to continue riding the Rift for many years to come. His top 3 goals are to win grands, get NAG 1 and stay healthy. He won (almost) every lap at Grands last year but made one minor mistake in his main costing him the win and the 46-50 title, so he’s headed to Oklahoma in a few weeks ready for redemption.

When asked about who he looks up to he said, “These first 3 aren’t in any order, but I look up to Kaitlyn White. She has a mental toughness like no one I’ve ever met. I’ve watched her in many mains racing with a savagery we could only hope to get close to. Her and Tommy’s coaching have taken my racing to a new level. Amanda Lowry for holding the track, team, myself and Lola in order. She effortlessly puts us all before herself, and I don’t know where I’d be without her. I love my rock. Richard Lowry, who used to race and now rides dirt jumps, park and street. His skill and fearless riding have me in awe watching him. Now he’s grinding his way in a career he loves. I’m very proud of him. That’s my family, I do this for them, and I owe all my success on the track and in life to them. My mom too. She (and my Dad Walt Lowry, RIP Dad) owned the Gold Rush Saloon, which paid for my racing. She would get off at 2 am and still get up early on Saturdays to take me racing. Love you Mom.”

He’d like thank all the people listed above as well as his teammates/BMX family current, past and future. Kent Elliot and his boys for the constant encouragement and support. Bruce and Linda Minton (founders of OC) for showing the current Creek crew what a dominant California track looks like. Also, anyone who’s encouraged me, helped me in any way (too many to list), told me good luck, and made me better (the whole 46-50 class). He thanks you all from the bottom of his heart, and he plans to ride till his body just won’t.


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