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Oak Creek Takes Second at Grands!

We received a few messages from friends this past week gushing about all of our local riders smashing their dreams at Grands 2023. One friend said simply, "Oak Creek has the best riders in BMX."

Oak Creek no doubt backed up those claims when we pulled 2nd place in the track-by-track ratings at this year's Grands (we are almost always somewhere in those stats). We even had some people draw comparisons between this year's Grands build and Oak Creek's latest Billy Allen build this last Spring, from the first jump to the doubles in the 2nd straight.

But in our opinion, all of these accolades take 2nd fiddle to the smiles on our riders faces, the sense of community we all feel when we see each other in Tulsa, those walk-by fist pumps and side conversations with the friends we see every week on race nights. Cheers to all of you that made the memorable trip to Grands this year, whether it was your 1st or your 21st time. Cheers to all of you that smashed your dreams and made that main, took home that trophy, jacket, and plate. Cheers to everyone that may have fallen short but left with a smile and a strong desire to keep training and come back next year to take it to that next level. And finally cheers to all of you that couldn't make it but watched at home to look for and cheer on your friends.


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