Introducing January ROTM, 14 inter Darion Campos "Vitamin DC"

Darion was introduced to BMX/Oak Creek by his parents in 2012 when he was only 4 but took a break to try other sports. However, like many others, he got bit by the racing bug and really missed BMX. His parents said if he raised his grades, he could race so in January 2021, he started racing again.

Darion rides a customized Pro GT and is not on a team yet. His top 3 goals are to build a community of mentors and friendships, improve on his skills to be the best rider he can be and be a mentor to younger riders.

Darion looks up to many of the best in BMX. Shawn “Swifty” O'Gorman, Dawson O'Gorman, Rick Lowry, Jake & Austin Peebles, Nick Adams, Nick & Jackson Elliott, and Connor Fields.

He wants to thank Shawn for supporting him and his family in every aspect of BMX, on and off the track and helping him build out an amazing bike. Dawson for being a good friend and mentor. Rick for helping him better his skills. His parents/sisters for being there for every practice/race to cheer him on and not give up on him. His dad who is constantly pushing him to be a better person on and off the track because he knows it’s not an easy job. The whole Nolivo family for encouraging/believing in him. Lincoln Schneider for being such a good friend and including him in his circle of bmx friends. Lastly, he would like to thank Amanda Lowry and all the volunteers at Oak Creek that make this track possible!