Welcome our new board member

Introducing our new board member Daniel Zuniga!

The Creek has added a few new board members to the tribe. People we think will impact the track in a positive way and also help contribute to our continued success in the future. First off, we’d like to welcome Daniel Zuniga. A face we all know very very well.

Daniel used to race as a kid but got back into it when a friend wanted to go check out a local track. Now his whole family is very involved and as he would put it.. “the rest is history!”

When asked what he loves about our amazing sport he said “ The things I love about BMX is the family friendly environment, the competition, the skills on and off the bike and that it teaches us to push our capabilities”. I’m sure we can all say we agree wholeheartedly with that answer.

What Daniel hopes to see for the future of this track is a permanent home even if it is an hour away. He wants to see more specialty races and find ways to bring more attention to the sport through this track by being at the forefront of trend setting events. Well said Daniel and welcome to the board!